Reflection. What About it?

When it comes to designing windows, the reflections from the roof, the water pipes and the decking will bring in a lot of things into your mind. However, the beauty of the reflection from your windows is far more beautiful than all those other things. But how do you get the desired effect? The first thing that is important to look into is the amount of light that the room is receiving. A room that is too dark will make the reflection too darker and also that will mean that your image will be far too dark.

The next thing that you have to do is to find a certain type of refraction. A certain type of refraction is the one that is known as the point of reflection. It means that the curve of the light passing through the different surfaces in your room. The same thing applies to the refracted part. If the light is flowing at a slow speed it will result in the curve of the mirror reflecting this. It is advisable to pick a reflective surface that has a width or length that is almost equal to the depth of the window. However, if the depth of the window is less than the surface that you use must be a little wider.

Now when you have made the necessary changes in your design, try looking at the reflection of the corner of the window. Try moving the mirrors so that you will see the corners in your room as well. Look for the best reflection on the windows as well as the corner of the window. If you do not know the appearance of the corner of the window then look at your viewfinder. If the reflection of the corner of the window is satisfactory then try to place the mirror on this corner.

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