How Things Are Made?

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about with how things are made (for example: mirrors)? Have you wondered if all the talk of cross-functional teams is for show or if the company really is designed for high performance? Or if there is any merit to a business model that turns over its profits to employees and customers? The truth is that there is merit to each of these points and we should be talking about how things are made.

Have you ever heard of the term “cross-functional teams “FOC “Formal Integrative Management” (FIM)? These are all terms that speak to how things are made and they are relevant to every company. An example would be the question “Does FIM provide any value?” For this we can look at the question “Does the company have cross-functional teams?” and with some research we can see that yes, it does.

In fact an increasing number of companies are using this form of team building to great effect. Teams, in turn, provide a sense of belongingness and a sense of value to those in the company. They provide the tools and resources necessary to compete and succeed. So, can all the talk of cross-functional teams to be for show?

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